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Science-Backed Momentum Trading Strategy

Implementation of scientific finance research in practice with outperforming track record.

Investment Strategy

Data Analysis

In the information age, knowing what to do with data is key. We have created a process to identify timely investment opportunities crawling through data looking for patterns, relationships, outliers and more.

This is the backbone of our strategy.


Our structured approach empowers us to further narrow down and shortlist the very best few investment opportunities on a regular basis.

The ability to separate the great from the good opportunities is where we manage to create further value for investors.


No matter how awesome a strategy you got, if there’s no high quality process allowing for a timely execution it won’t be able to “bring the rubber to the ground”.

We are proud to have a seemless rule-based execution process for this purpose.

Our Alpha

We are proud to outperform Nasdaq-100 and also our long-time idol Warren …

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About momentumDB

Implementation of scientific finance research in practice:

Science backed momentum trading strategy with outperforming track record!

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